Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Venus' room monster high

Hi there! Just a quick update on how the house is going. I have finished a bed and chair for Venus' room. I plan on doing decorations for the whole room but for now I wanted to share the bed and chair. They are adorable. A huge shout out to thejustkidding09 on YouTube for the amazing bunkbed tutorial that inspired me to make this canopy bed!! Check them out a lot of great doll tutorials there! http://youtu.be/8-QAypvP6SQ
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monster High Clothes

So we have this fabulous closet for our ghouls but not very many clothes to fill it. So searching through some YouTube videos I stumbled upon an amazingly talented young man. Chadalan07. Seriously check his page out here:
Here are a few things I created with his tutorials. I haven't tried the dramatic dress yet but I intend to soon. TFL!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monster high/ barbie dollhouse Closet

It took me about 3 hours total time to create this closet. I used a tutorial from www.egolonsville.weebly.com lots of fantastic stuff on that site.
I only changed a few things for my closet. But it's mostly the same design.
Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster High Closet

Sorry no update for the past few days. I have been busy working on the house. I have finally finished the walls and floors, yay me! So I started the closet. I found an adorable Barbie closet tutorial an I will post the link once I am all done with the closet. Here's the closet so far. TFL!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monster High Dollhouse

So after 16 days I have finally gotten every room wallpapered and floored. I will begin the furniture for each room next week. I am starting with an awesome closet with a tutorial I found for a Barbie closet!! I've made some cute shopping bags and boxes for the closet, this closet is so neat. TFL!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frankie Stein's Room

Finally got the ink for my printer so I could finish this room and C.A. Cupid's room. Found Frankie's wall covering from the monster high website, just printed off and put on the walls. Not sure where I got Cupid's. the floor and lower part are scrapbook paper. TFL

Clawdeens Room- Monster High Dollhouse

The much anticipated Clawdeens room!! This one was easy. Purple glitter paper with black duck tape for moulding with a strip if cheetah duck tape. I also used purple tape for the baseboards. My little monster is thrilled!!! I also finished Robecca Steams room that picture is below. My daughter doesn't have Robecca yet but we are confident that Santa is all over it!!
It seems like forever since I started this dollhouse. It's actually only been 2 weeks. But I have spent hours every day working on it. I have just 7 rooms left to decorate then I can move on to the fun stuff. furniture!!! TFL