Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Draculaura's Coffin Bed

Tonight I promised my daughter I would make her a coffin bed for Draculaura. I made it from foam board hot glue, felt and fabric.
I placed Draculaura on the foam board and put dots on each side of her feet and did the same for her head. I put dots near each side of her shoulders then measured out an each on each side and placed another dot. Then connected the dots. I cut 2 out one for the base and one the lid. I then cut 2 pieces of foamboard 2.5" wide and 12" long. I then lined up the 2.5" piece to the base and bent the foam at the widest point. Then I hot glued it on. I then repeated this on the other side.
I just measured the 2 open sides and cut the foamboard to fit. I then covered the whole thing with scrapbook paper. For the inside I used pink duck tape. I cut some felt then covered it with fabric. I duct taped it on you could glue it too I was just trying to hurry.. I covered the lid with paper on the top. I attached a piece of duck tape 7.5" long to the lid leaving about half hanging off. I then held the lid in an open position like in the picture and then attached the other half into the coffin. I then attached more paper to cover the tape. And voilĂ ! A bed for your monster. I still want to put feet on it but I don't have anything handy that will work. So to be continued...

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  1. I see that you made the coffin out of foam board. What are the walls made out of?