Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Venus' room monster high

Hi there! Just a quick update on how the house is going. I have finished a bed and chair for Venus' room. I plan on doing decorations for the whole room but for now I wanted to share the bed and chair. They are adorable. A huge shout out to thejustkidding09 on YouTube for the amazing bunkbed tutorial that inspired me to make this canopy bed!! Check them out a lot of great doll tutorials there! http://youtu.be/8-QAypvP6SQ
Thanks for looking!


  1. OH MY!! This is fabulous. I am so in love with that bed. fantastic work!

  2. Wow all of this monster stuff is looking great. Have you done more? I would love to see more rooms, especially this one completed in the house.

  3. Awesome. Greetings from Poland.