Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monster High Dollhouse with foamboard

Okay so I will admit when my daughter first began her monster high obsession I was less than happy. She has a lot of me in her and when she gets obsessed with something we have to have everything. Kinda like my Tim Holtz Distress line obsession.
So now we are about 2 years, hundred of dollars, and 23 dolls later . So I see all if these dolls she plays with every day and they have no place to really go. So we started buying the beds and the coffin bean cafe and other play sets. Well we still have the "what am I going to do with ALL of these gorgeous monsters??
So I think A DOLLHOUSE! duh. But then I start looking online. A couple hundred more dollars for one that only has 5 rooms. Well you can't cram 6 dolls in each room and we have 3 play sets.
I start googling. Well I'm not a fan of really any of the prices. So I came up with the idea of making her one instead. Well the cost of the wood alone is going to be about $125 for a 48"h x 72"l x 15" deep. I know huge right??
So I made her a small room out of dollar store foam board to see if she liked it. Nothing fancy just some contact paper on the walls, Darice craft fur for the rug and the coffin bean cafe set up inside partially.
She loved it. And the cat sat on the top of it and it still stood. It took one piece of foamboard for this room so to me that's about as cheap as you get!!
I will post the rooms as I create them. TFL!!

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