Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Venus' room monster high

Hi there! Just a quick update on how the house is going. I have finished a bed and chair for Venus' room. I plan on doing decorations for the whole room but for now I wanted to share the bed and chair. They are adorable. A huge shout out to thejustkidding09 on YouTube for the amazing bunkbed tutorial that inspired me to make this canopy bed!! Check them out a lot of great doll tutorials there! http://youtu.be/8-QAypvP6SQ
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monster High Clothes

So we have this fabulous closet for our ghouls but not very many clothes to fill it. So searching through some YouTube videos I stumbled upon an amazingly talented young man. Chadalan07. Seriously check his page out here:
Here are a few things I created with his tutorials. I haven't tried the dramatic dress yet but I intend to soon. TFL!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monster high/ barbie dollhouse Closet

It took me about 3 hours total time to create this closet. I used a tutorial from www.egolonsville.weebly.com lots of fantastic stuff on that site.
I only changed a few things for my closet. But it's mostly the same design.
Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster High Closet

Sorry no update for the past few days. I have been busy working on the house. I have finally finished the walls and floors, yay me! So I started the closet. I found an adorable Barbie closet tutorial an I will post the link once I am all done with the closet. Here's the closet so far. TFL!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monster High Dollhouse

So after 16 days I have finally gotten every room wallpapered and floored. I will begin the furniture for each room next week. I am starting with an awesome closet with a tutorial I found for a Barbie closet!! I've made some cute shopping bags and boxes for the closet, this closet is so neat. TFL!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frankie Stein's Room

Finally got the ink for my printer so I could finish this room and C.A. Cupid's room. Found Frankie's wall covering from the monster high website, just printed off and put on the walls. Not sure where I got Cupid's. the floor and lower part are scrapbook paper. TFL

Clawdeens Room- Monster High Dollhouse

The much anticipated Clawdeens room!! This one was easy. Purple glitter paper with black duck tape for moulding with a strip if cheetah duck tape. I also used purple tape for the baseboards. My little monster is thrilled!!! I also finished Robecca Steams room that picture is below. My daughter doesn't have Robecca yet but we are confident that Santa is all over it!!
It seems like forever since I started this dollhouse. It's actually only been 2 weeks. But I have spent hours every day working on it. I have just 7 rooms left to decorate then I can move on to the fun stuff. furniture!!! TFL

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The monster high beach room

Okay so this room looks more like a Barbie beach house than a skull shores or a gloom beach, but I haven't really found a way to "monster" it. I am going to work on it though. It's too normie for my taste. TFL

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monster high garage

Okay just a basic pink and grey room with some awesome pink zebra duck tape. I am loving this stuff!!! I've found so many different patterns.
I only have Cupid's room to do and the first floor is complete. Still 12 rooms to do! TFL

Operetta's room

Had a few minutes today to get another room wallpapered. In this room I am hoping to do a music room with a piano and other instruments. We shall see once I get going on it. TFL!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coffin Cafe Monster High Dollhouse

I have been so busy the past few days I haven't had a chance to work on any rooms. But I did manage to get the coffin cafe room decorated today. I plan on making art for the walls an more things for the shelves. But for now I have the walls covered and ready for the monsters to hang!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Draculaura's Coffin Bed

Tonight I promised my daughter I would make her a coffin bed for Draculaura. I made it from foam board hot glue, felt and fabric.
I placed Draculaura on the foam board and put dots on each side of her feet and did the same for her head. I put dots near each side of her shoulders then measured out an each on each side and placed another dot. Then connected the dots. I cut 2 out one for the base and one the lid. I then cut 2 pieces of foamboard 2.5" wide and 12" long. I then lined up the 2.5" piece to the base and bent the foam at the widest point. Then I hot glued it on. I then repeated this on the other side.
I just measured the 2 open sides and cut the foamboard to fit. I then covered the whole thing with scrapbook paper. For the inside I used pink duck tape. I cut some felt then covered it with fabric. I duct taped it on you could glue it too I was just trying to hurry.. I covered the lid with paper on the top. I attached a piece of duck tape 7.5" long to the lid leaving about half hanging off. I then held the lid in an open position like in the picture and then attached the other half into the coffin. I then attached more paper to cover the tape. And voilĂ ! A bed for your monster. I still want to put feet on it but I don't have anything handy that will work. So to be continued...

Spectra Von Gueist's Room

So I was working on Frankie's room and when I ran out of ink for my printer I decided to work on Spectra's room. So luckily I got it all finished. I used DCWV Black Currant paper. It's really kinda dark and elegant just like the monsters. Still no furniture. I have 15 more rooms to wallpaper before I begin the furniture.

Monster high dollhouse Abbey's room

I'm not sure I like how this room came out. I think once I make the furniture or it all will fall into place. I used Walmart scrapbook paper for the walls and DCWV Black Currant for the floor. Craft fur came from Joann. My princess wants a fireplace in this room and one I get the measurements right I will try it. TFL!! Kate

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monster High Dollhouse-Draculaura's Room

Today I managed to get one room "wallpapered and tiled"...lol. I have decided to do the basic design of each before I start making the furniture.
I used scrap booking paper that I had on hand. I have a ton of it. I also tried my hand at a simple chair for Draculaura. It came out ok. Just used remnants of the foam board I have from the project and wrapped then in duct tape. It probably won't stay in the room when it is done but you never know!
I did also find out today that the duct tape works better at framing each room. It just gives it that nice neat appearance. TFL!! -Kate

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monster high house base completed

It took about $28 total to create this house. $25 in foamboard at the dollar store, 2 packages of glue sticks and packing tape.- all from the dollar store. This literally took 10 hours to complete. The house has 19 rooms and is 52"h x 75"L. I will continue to post as I complete each room. Tonight I tried to put electrical tape around the edges of each room but it didn't stay very well. I'm thinking of trying black duct tape. We shall see.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

3 layers later....

So about 6 hours invested and 15 foam board pieces later I have 14 rooms. Because this project is SO big I have to just give my daughter furniture for her Christmas surprise but she is so excited about it!! TFL

Friday, November 2, 2012

Monster High House Base

Okay. So about 5 sheets of foam-board later the base is created. I think I should go a little taller than 12 inches on the next 3 levels. I used hot glue to keel it together but i applied packing tape to the edges and everywhere it joins for extra support.
I'm shooting to be done with the whole thing by Sunday so I can start decorating the rooms on Monday. This is going to be so much fun.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monster High Dollhouse with foamboard

Okay so I will admit when my daughter first began her monster high obsession I was less than happy. She has a lot of me in her and when she gets obsessed with something we have to have everything. Kinda like my Tim Holtz Distress line obsession.
So now we are about 2 years, hundred of dollars, and 23 dolls later . So I see all if these dolls she plays with every day and they have no place to really go. So we started buying the beds and the coffin bean cafe and other play sets. Well we still have the "what am I going to do with ALL of these gorgeous monsters??
So I think A DOLLHOUSE! duh. But then I start looking online. A couple hundred more dollars for one that only has 5 rooms. Well you can't cram 6 dolls in each room and we have 3 play sets.
I start googling. Well I'm not a fan of really any of the prices. So I came up with the idea of making her one instead. Well the cost of the wood alone is going to be about $125 for a 48"h x 72"l x 15" deep. I know huge right??
So I made her a small room out of dollar store foam board to see if she liked it. Nothing fancy just some contact paper on the walls, Darice craft fur for the rug and the coffin bean cafe set up inside partially.
She loved it. And the cat sat on the top of it and it still stood. It took one piece of foamboard for this room so to me that's about as cheap as you get!!
I will post the rooms as I create them. TFL!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

May I present.... Katniss Everdeen

This past weekend was the annual Pumpkins in the Park. A great trick or treat adventure to support Cerebral Palsy. We have a great time every year and its safe for the kids.
So I was faced with he difficult task of turning my 7 year old into Katniss Everdeen. Well I searched for hours online with no luck. So I decided to tak matters into my own hands. I honestly used things my daughter had for clothing. The only thing I bought was a $6 bow and arrow set(which I spray painted silver), a $10 district 12 bag, and a $2 district 12 patch. About the same price as a regular costume!
She was afraid that no one would know who she was but everyone did!!
Lets not forget the amazing hairstyle from her aunt Dawn. She rocked it!! Beside her is my handsome nephew! Happy Halloween!

Bird House IPhone dock

I have been looking all over the place for interesting docks for my iPhone that won't break the bank. So searching through etsy there were some amazing ideas but all a little too pricey. Then it hit me. I have a birdhouse with a porch that has been sitting unaltered for over a year in my room. So I altered it and ended up with this beauty.
I used all Tim Holtz distress inks. Crackle paint on the fence, ink on the paper, stain on the bottom and more ink on the paper. The pearls are blue it from Basic Grey and the paper is MME lost and found. I have used this every day for the past month and have had no issues. Thanks for looking!!!